Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Happy blues in January

Dear reader,

I hope this little blogpost finds you well today! It is cold outside here in the Netherlands! Very foggy cold weather, no sun exposure, everything is grey and snowy, brrrr........... inside it is warm and cozy and that is great for beating the January blues. I happily beated the blues by making some blue toned earrings again and wanted to share them with you today to inspire. Always fun to play around with beads! I just can't get enough of it. My craftroom slowly is transferring into a little shop in the meantime, lol. I just make them for fun purposes. Who knows I can find a great use for them in the future, but for now they will stay on display in my craftroom. I used a mix of beads and charms in my earrings, from acrylic to Swarovski crystal. I am on a budget so have to use budget beads. Wish I could have access to the best of the best materials, but alas......... it's about the design I think. I hope you enjoy my January blues today and feel inspired a bit to start creating some yourself! May God bless you!

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