Sunday, June 25, 2017

Red earrings

Hi there,

It's been a couple of days since I've showed my face here. It has been too hot for the computer, you know, so that's why. Today it's a bit rainy and even fresh outside so..... great to spend some time indoors and catch up on my blog with all this red bling bling. I created these earrings on a quiet evening and was on a roll with red as you can see. I just love love love to create earrings. I can't get enough of it. I hope to inspire you with sharing these. I used all kinds of beads both expensive as well as cheap ones. I don't like to be limited by rules like only the 'best' materials or never use 'plastic' as that's fake or cheap. I like to rebel around with colors, shapes and textures, and I don't care if they are cheap or expensive. When it like it then it's good, haha. I once was blasted by an American woman who told me I was the girl who only had fake jewelry. Ha! Soooooooo important to label somebody like that. Not, as you can imagine. That comment is the same as I only like the rich and not the poor. Sorry I got distracted here for a bit, but with talking about the cheap materials it instantly reminded me of that lady. Anyway.......... I hope you understand my point and foremost hope you feel inspired by these beauties today! I added a lot of detailed pictures so you can see more clearly what I mean. I also updated a new page on my blog here about my singing career and added lots of pictures and two video's of my music and art. I hope you will enjoy! Blessings!

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