Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Fairy beautiful

Handmade pastel greeting card with fairy girl
Hello there!
I am back with some brightness again! How are you doing in the meantime? I wonder who is reading my blog :) Whomever it is, welcome here and I hope you like my share of eyecandy now and then. I am still trying to get the hang of blogging again and that's the reason why i'm in here quite unregularly. But I hope you still find it worth while to come in. I have so many unfinished projects on my desk and this card was one of them. I managed to finally finish it off this week and am quite satisfied with it. I love the vintage flower girl images and this one is the Sweet pea flower girl. Sweet peas are, amongst roses, hydrangeas and pansies, my most favorite flowers. I long to smell them again this summer, don't you too?! I made a medaillon on this card with using coffee filter paper. LOL, I had a package of coffee filters that weren't right. They caused leakage of the coffee and so I could throw the whole pack away, but of course I saw something useful for them :P Another pile of paper in my room now, haha. I see use in all kinds of stuff lately. I guess I will always be a pack rat, hehe. Anyway....... this is my fairy beautiful sweet pea girl card then. I hope you enjoy it! See you next time. May God bless you with happy things! Peace!

Craft paper medaillon
Details of pastel roses and sequins
Handmade fairy greeting card with crochet flowers by Ingeborg van Zuiden
Handmade yarn flower with rhinestones
Details of pins and medaillon with floral sequins
Backside of fairy beautiful card
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Bronze beaded corner with seed beads
Paper flower dangle with turquoise circle sequins and beaded heart string

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Bright Marie handmade tag

Helloooooooooo, it's me again!

This time with a bright handmade tag I wanted to share with you. It has been on my desk for ages to get finished and then finally this week I managed to bring this little project to an end :D It is a journaling tag. The front side features the pretty Marie-Antoinette with lots of little daisy flowers and on the back you can write a little note on the ledger paper in between the bright pink and yellow roses. I have tons of little projects on my craftdesk waiting to finish off and since spring will come soon it will be about time to clean my desk out before it arrives. It feels good to create a bit again after such a long time off. Stay tuned! I will be back soon :D

I hope you enjoy the eyecandy for today and feel inspired to start creating with bright colors yourself! Have a great weekend!

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Return of the Roses

Dear reader,

Finally after months and months I slightly feel the need and space in my head to start blogging again. It has been a very long period off for me in which a lot has happened in my life and a lot of things have fallen into place. I needed the space to reorder almost everything that was going around in my life. And it worked! Sometimes the painter needs to take a step backwards to get a clear view on his painting :D Finally my craftroom is in line and I have space enough now to start creating again. Here and there some dots on the I, but those are peanuts. What a relief! So...... I will try to share nothing but beauty again from now on! My head bubbles with new ideas and so......... no time to lose and start creating! I will then re-open my new blog with this first post on the return of the roses :) So here they are in my latest crocheted afghan: pretty shabby chic pastel roses. I hope you enjoy viewing then. I took a simple granny square pattern which I found on Google. May more roses grow from my hands this year! Happy Sunday!