Tuesday, April 19, 2016

A note from Marie

Hi there,

Here I am again with a note from Marie-Antoinette :D

This time I finished this small notecard with the beautiful Marie-Antoinette on the front in a frame of fabric flowers and crochet stars. At the same time it's a pretty display card because of its stiffness. On the inside one can write a little note.

I'm glad I finished this one as this project has been on my desk for more than a year! Unbelievable how slow my pace is these days, but better a late finish then never, haha.

We keep on trying to move on! More eyecandy to come! Have a lovely day!

Friday, April 15, 2016

French Marie tags

Oh la la.......... here comes Marie again. Isn't she pretty? I love the soft pastel colors of her dresses and was so inspired by these images that I had to create some special spring tags for her :)

The fashionable pastimes of Marie-Antoinette are always so inspiring for me. I feel connected to Marie and foremost see the comparison in the way she lived in her own created indulging palace and the way I created mine. I almost do the same (except eat cake and macarons day in and out :D to escape from the bitter and painful realities of life. I am not able to deal with all the horrifying and sad stories I see on TV about abuse, wars, injustice and corruption and therefor need to escape into my own fantasy world. Thank God for the ability to create that for myself and to tribute to the pure soul of Marie. So.... here are two handmade tags indulged with flowers and pearls. I created some simple handmade paper flowers as well to show to you. May love and kindness find you today! I hope you enjoy the eyecandy!

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Roses for my garden

Oh oh......... so many more weeks have passed in the meantime. Sorry to have let you down. I have been creating a bit but foremost was outside enjoying the garden and planning new borders. I've bought some new roses for planting in my back garden this year and will show them to you. My dear husband has planted them for me and so......... now i'm in happy expectance of them :D I just can't wait to see them coming. The pictures look so promissing! These are the ones I bought........ aren't they gorgeous?

Queen of Hearts
Rosarium Uetersen
Red Leonardo DaVinci
Kir Royal

Rose de Rescht