Wednesday, July 12, 2017


Dear reader,

It's a very rainy day here in the Netherlands, so.... great weather to stay indoors and catch up with my blog.

I hope this little handmade artist trading card finds you well today. I created it a little while ago, and it was still on the shelf to be shared. All of the used materials where ready on my desk. This happens to me all the time. My craftdesk is a complete mess, filled with leftover pieces of paper, beads, a leftover button or paper flower, some ribbon, or a sequin here and there that fell out of a box. My desk is full of it! And so........ I always start to gather stuff from my desk first when I start a new project like this ATC for instance. And somehow it seems like there was this purpose for each little thingie I find, as if God knew it would all fit together in this art puzzle of mine! I am always in awe of this process, every time it happens to me. And it happens a lot I can say! I feel so blessed for these magical experiences! They make my day! Even the poem was there!! I don't know what the '55 thing' means but I thought it looked nice on this card😋. Art doesn't have any limits when it is being created from a good heart, so I think. Even the beaded string, where the card is hanging on, is created from leftover eyepins and headpins!
When I make earrings I often have a lot of waste of eyepins and they are often just long enough to put a seedbead on and make two little loops. I make all the beaded loops together eventually et voila............ I have another beaded string, haha. I don't like to waste materials. I keep every little strip of paper or ribbon, in case I need it on a mini card like this. The materials are too expensive to just throw it away, I think.

I hope you enjoy the eyecandy for today. I also added a photo of my first 'Eglantyne' rose that was blooming in my garden and I picked it for the vase plus a photo of my magical seethrough in the garden, during one evening, when the light came through as if heaven opened up! See for yourself!

Enjoy today! Tomorrow may never come! Till nex time!

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