Thursday, October 12, 2017

Collect moments not things

Dear reader,

Another blogpost today..... wow, my pace is good today. By far not a slow snail. Title of this blogpost is 'Collect moments not things', hence the same as on my latest handmade card. Do you mind....... I collect both, haha. But my favorite 'things' to collect is of course memories and moments. I have a lot of great moments in my mind, especially those shared with my beloved husband and my belated pets. Those are the best of the best, but also moments that were special like my first watch, my first performance on stage and also bad and very sad moments unfortunately, like the death of my father, and the betrayal of my family. Somehow I collect bad moments too and I can't get rid of them. 😢 Funny...... they should have some garbage center for bringing bad memories into, don't you think? That would be cool! But on the other hand....... i'm afraid it will be very busy up there then LOL. Anyway...... I thought this was a great saying for using on this card with those lovely vintage children. I guess they are brother and sister?! I have an almost vintage picture of me and my brother as well of which I thought when I saw these sweet children on this card. The picture is not as vintage as on the one I used on my card, but it's at least 45 years old, I think. Isn't it the cutest picture of me and my brother? I think it is. And what about our hair?! Sooooo vintage LOL. My mother always used to play with my hair and I hated it. She loved treating me like a doll (including throwing me into the corner when she didn't like to play anymore. It's true!) I had to go to school all dressed up, always. Brrr....... when I still of think of it. Thank God i'm free now. Keep on smiling, haha. Long story........ anyway....... this is a card that I wanted to show to you then. I hope you like the eyecandy for today! See you soon again!
Handmade vintage style card by Ingeborg van Zuiden
Collect moments not things

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