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Welcome to my Fairy Beautiful World and thank you for taking the time to getting to know me a bit more!

I am Ingeborg , born in the Eastern part of the Netherlands. The Netherlands, also famous as 'Holland', is the great but on the same hand very small country at the Western border of Germany and the Northern border of Belgium.

I love to create beautiful artsy things since I was able to connect my conscience with my hands at a very young age. As I grew up creativity became essential to survive the many rough times i've been through in my life so far. Through the difficult path of life, mostly covered with health challenges and dealing with evil sided people, I discovered my real nature which is being an artist in every way possible and always stay on the right side of life. It has now become my regular therapy to create with paper, beads and textiles in many forms and ways. I have a lot of interests and/or hobbies.

A main thing I love to do is....... I love to sing! I have been a professional singer when I was young and won many contests and experienced how it is to move around in the glamour world for a little while.I have seen enough of the 'glitter and glamour world' in the Netherlands to know what it's all about. I have met some national 'celebrities', been on radio and tv and was covered in newspapers.

After a couple of years of performing as a singer it became very clear to me that I am more of a house sparrow. Due to all kinds of difficult issues, like the sudden death of my dear father in 1984, I felt bad enough to feel forced to quit my singing career and become the 'real me', which is being the artist behind the stage and being that house sparrow. I am so happy that I didn't follow the glamour path but choose the real and natural life behind the scenes. Now I sprinkle glitter on my artwork everywhere😎.
One one side I am a very modest person and like to be on my own and sometimes am even afraid to go outside, believe it or not! On the other side I am a very glamourous person, and thus can go on a stage for 100.000 people without any fear. It is a weird contrast in myself that I will never understand. I love to feel 'safe' in the arms of my dear husband or in my flower garden and watch the birds fly round and hear them singing and smell my favorite roses and all the other flowers. I feel I am close to the fairies and am one of them. I also love to connect ot people through my voice. My favorite numbers to sing are songs like 'I dreamed a dream' by Susan Boyle or 'I will always love you'  and 'One moment in time' by Whitney Houston.

I am very happily married with my dear husband Jan for more than 25 years and love him so very dearly! He is my everything! We are true soulmates💖💕💓 We've been going through hell and back with facing many difficult challenges. Our love is so strong, nothing ever can destroy that. He is too good, too much for words ever. He is the best man on earth!

I love my hobbies which are, amongst so many others, paper arts, crazy quilting, embroidery, stitching graphic design, interior and garden design, flower arranging and jewelry making. Now and then I write a little poem, read a book (mostly educational; i'm an autodidact), and foremost I am a joker 😝 I love to laugh and/or make people laugh and humor has become my most important weapon. I survive difficulties being creative and put a 'sometimes fake smile' on my face to ease the burdens life can bring.
I believe in God, in the power of universe, though do not practise a certain religion. My religion is simple, my religion is kindness and being honest, real and foremost I try to live as stated in 1. Cor. 13 of the Holy Bible: the script of LOVE. I figure when I do try to live as stated there in that book, I cover everything! I stand for honesty, integrity and kindness and foremost want to live a respectful life. I hate injustice. Can't stand it! Respect seems so hard to find these days, especially towards the elderly! I can't stand that, grrrr.... It is hard for me to live in this world where most people seem to have no sense of limits and borders anymore. I think people need limits and borders in order to keep life organized to a certain level. Of course we need freedom too, but we can't all have it all! I also am a strong believer of the fact that limited space generates more creativity and spirit. That's probably why I am 'imprisoned' in the Netherlands. I feel like a bird in a birdcage here. 
I hope you'll enjoy my fairy beautiful world and will be visiting me here often to find some eyecandy in my enchanted garden! I would love to hear from you too, by the way! So don't hesitate to leave a commentYou can also send me a note through email

Thank you for your visit! 😊


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